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Make Superhero Gift Wrap with Your Cricut

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This past Saturday, we were putting the final touches on our Father’s Day present.  We got Daddy a video game, but my daughter loves to make a gift too.  I remembered this cute idea from Pinterest.


I liked the idea, but I wanted to tweak it a little.

Dad superhero
Our version of the Superhero artwork.

I bought the images from Etsy.  While we were assembling our superhero images, I got the idea to create custom gift wrap with Cricut drawing the images on the paper and my daughter coloring them.

Laying out the Superhero Gift Wrap

As I have mentioned before, when I am looking for images from the Internet to load into Design Space, I always search for coloring pages.  A quick search and I was able to find Captain America, Ironman, and Batman symbols.  I knew I would use my 24″ mat in order to get the longest sheet of paper I could get, so I decided to turn the images sideways to emphasize the length.

make custom superhero wrapping paper with Cricut
You can turn your images sideways to take advantage of the length of the 24″ mat.

Each image was about 2″ except Batman was a little larger.  If you don’t have a 24″ mat, I highly recommend getting one.  You can pick up two pack on Amazon.

For the paper, I used a roll of brown craft paper I picked up at Michaels for $1.50 a roll.  The first time I tried it,  the mat was too sticky and the paper ripped when I tried to pull it off.  I used a t-shirt to remove some of the stickiness from the mat.  I balled up an old t-shirt and blotted all over the mat to deposit some lint and alleviate the stickiness.

custom superhero wrapping paper with cricut.
Printed paper.

I carefully removed the paper by rolling the mat backward onto itself and gently peeling the paper free.  I had to hold the ends down with heavy objects, so my daughter could color it.

make superhero wrapping paper with Cricut
She used fine tip Cricut markers to get in the small areas.

The finished product was just the right size to wrap the video game.

create superhero wrapping paper with Cricut
Custom paper for Father’s Day gift.

The paper was a big hit with Daddy!  Such a cute idea.  I will definitely be making some Christmas themed paper and maybe some Disney Princess Paper for birthdays! The sheets are small but the perfect size for wrapping DVD’s or books.






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