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Make Cute Kids’ Necklaces with Acrylic Blanks

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acrylic keychains
Some of my projects!

My obsession with Zindee acrylic blanks continues.  This time I’ll show you how to make cute kids’ Halloween necklaces with acrylic blanks.  For this project, use the mini ghost blank and the mini candy corn.  The blanks come with protective brown paper over them.

acrylic blanks
These are minis. The perfect size for a little girls’ necklace.

To learn how to decorate the acrylics, check out my previous post.

Supplies Needed for These Cute Kids’ Necklaces


crimper tool

crimping beads

-lobster clasp

-pom pom beads

To decorate acrylic blank:


-Diamaond Glaze

Assembling the Necklace

Cut the wire an ample length to hang down to child’s upper chest.  Knot one end of the wire and attach the crimping bead over the knot (depending on the type of bead you are using) and attach the lobster clasp.  Arrange the pom pom beads in the desired pattern placing the acrylic charm in the middle.  Let your child string the beads on the wire.  Knot the other end and attach a crimping bead and jump ring to work as the clasp.

Halloween necklaces
Love how these turned out.

Next to do is make a Christmas necklace with Zindee blanks.  I will be sure to post pictures, when we get it done.

This was a fun project, and my daughter is very excited to wear her new jewelry.

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