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Kids’ Christmas Crafts

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This time of year is always so busy!  It seems I’m always rushing around and never just savoring the season.  To try to slow down and enjoy the time more, I created an advent calendar that focuses on experiences instead of things.  Read the post here.  As part of this calendar, I had to come up with quite a few kids’ Christmas crafts.

Crafting just for the sake of crafting is great, but when you can use your kids’ art as part of the present it’s even better.  I decided to enlist my daughter’s skills to make extra special Christmas cards and wrapping paper for her teachers.  As a teacher, I know I always appreciate gifts, even more, when I know my student has put time and effort into creating something for me.

Supplies Needed for these Christmas Crafts

blank cards and envelopes

small brown gift bags

craft paper roll of paper

Christmas foam stamps-these are the exact set I used.  I love that they have a knob on the back!

cardstock in assorted colors

Christmas cardstock

craft paint in assorted colors-I really like the Ceramcoat brand

assorted sequins and gems

glue stick


Christmas Cards

DIY kids' christmas card
One of my favorites.

In Design space, I inserted a square and then turned into a rectangle with the same dimensions as my cards so that I could size my images correctly.

I used scraps of paper from my advent calendar project to add some interest to the background, as the cards are plain white.  The tree image was free with my Design space subscription.  My daughter added the sequins to decorate the tree.

There are so many cute Christmas designs in Design Space it was hard to choose which ones to make

Kids' Christmas Crafts
Our favorite designs.

The green card is actually a printable from Activities for Kids. We had the gems in craft stash.  The ornament with all the sequins on it is from Design Space.  I simply had Cricut draw the ornament and then my daughter glued the sequins within the lines.

Handstamped Christmas Gift Wrap

These adorable stamps from Amazon were the inspiration for the gift wrap.

Kids' Christmas Crafts
Amazon find.

Plain brown craft wrapping paper and gift bags can be picked up at the Dollar Tree or your local craft store. We used paints we already had in Christmas colors. It’s easiest to roll the paper out on the floor (if you have a hard flat floor.)

Kids' Christmas Crafts
Plenty of room to work.

Craft paint dries pretty quickly on the paper.  I did leave it overnight before using it to actually wrap presents.

Kids' Christmas Crafts
Finished product.

This is the perfect paper for grandparents’ presents.  The wrapping is as special as the gift inside!

Kids' Christmas Crafts
Special wrapping for Grammy’s present.

We also decorated some little gift bags for teachers’ gifts.

We had a great time crafting together, and she is excited about giving her cards and gifts to all her special teachers.

Spend a Saturday afternoon crafting and enjoying the holiday season together!

Kids' Christmas Crafts
A quick and easy way to customize packages.

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