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Jojo Siwa Themed Birthday Party

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My youngest is turning eight, and like every other 8-year-old girl on the planet, she loves Jojo Siwa.  So of course, she wants a Jojo Siwa themed birthday party.  I’ll share how I created super cute invites and custom treat sacks that will satisfy any Jojo fan.

Jojo Siwa Themed birthday
Custom invitations!

Jojo Siwa Themed Birthday Party Must-Haves

Jojo is on tour now, my daughter is getting tickets for her birthday (ssh it’s a secret). So, I thought what invitations that look like concert tickets would be perfect!  I have seen these files for sale on Pinterest, but if you have a Cricut they are super easy to create as a print then cut project.  For detailed instructions, check out my previous post on making invitations with Cricut. Initially, I printed on cardstock. It was just okay.  So, I decided to print on photo paper.  What a difference that made.  This is the photo paper I used. This never would have worked on my old Canon printer.  Luckily, I purchased this printer recently.  It’s perfect for crafting.

In addition to the invites, the treat bags are also Jojo Siwa themed.  I made awesome Jojo backpack tags.

Jojo Siwa Themed Birthday
What little girl wouldn’t love this on her backpack?

Cricut printable vinyl along with Zindee round keychain and Zindee glitter vinyl is all it takes.  Seal with clear vinyl. A Google search will help you find the image you want.  Load it into Cricut Design Space and save it as a printable image.  I have used a variety of products to seal the keychains; Diamond Glaze, Triple Thick, UV resin, and even epoxy.  Recently, I have learned that UV resin and epoxy are highly toxic and cause health problems for many people.  Diamond Glaze and Triple Thick are not durable long-term for kids’ use.  I think clear vinyl is the best bet when making these for kids.

Keeping with the Jojo Theme

In keeping with the theme, I chose to include colorful hair extensions in the gift bag.  You can order some at a great price here. My daughter wears these frequently, and she loves them.  Clip them into the hair under the top layer and trim to the length of the hair, and they look great.

hair extensions
Such fun colors!

To complete the swag bag, I included a cute pencil, a sheet of stickers, and some candy.

JoJo Siwa themed birthday
A fun little swag bag.

There are a ton of really great ideas on Pinterest for decorations.  Since we are having the party at a venue, I don’t need to worry about decorating or setting up a candy bar.  If you are doing a party at your house, you can go wild with balloons and candy!

Next up, redoing her bedroom and bathroom in the Jojo theme.  I will definitely chronicle that in a future post.







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