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How to Put HTV on a Baseball Cap

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finished cap with heat transfer vinyl applied
Ready for the summer!

I’m getting ready for a trip to Hawaii, so I wanted a cute way to protect my face from the harsh rays.  Pink is my favorite color, so when I found this cap, I grabbed it.  I’m going to show you how to put HTV on a baseball cap.  It was a little more challenging than I expected but totally doable.

What You’ll Need

Hobby Lobby sells caps for $2.99, so if you have a Hobby Lobby I recommend picking one up there.  If not, you can get a pack of two reasonably priced on Amazon. Instead of expensive Teflon sheets, I use parchment paper to protect my vinyl while I’m pressing it.

Creating Your Design

Design Space didn’t have an image I loved, so I created my own using parts of their images along with images from the Internet.

design to apply to cap
Finished design ready to be applied.

To learn how I created my image using parts of other Cricut images click here.

Putting the HTV on the Baseball Cap

Check the temperature settings for the vinyl you are using.  Click here to download of Cricut Temperature Guide.  Fold your hand towel so that it fits snuggly inside the cap.

fold towel to fit it snuggly into cap
Fit as much of the towel as you can into the cap.

Start with the bottom of the design and work your way up.  I started with centering the word Mode right above the seam above the brim.

secure the transfer tape to your cap.
I applied the letters first, then the pineapple.

Since the cap does not lay flat, it’s important to use heat resistant tape to hold the carrier sheet in place.  In the above picture, it is hard to see the carrier sheet, but it’s there and the orange tape is attached to it.

Next, apply the middle of your design.

applying the middle of the design
I added the top of the pineapple before “vacay.”

Remember when you are working in sections to always cover any exposed vinyl with parchment paper or Teflon sheet to protect it from melting to the press.

protect vinyl with parchment paper
Always protect your design with parchment paper.

Getting the vinyl to adhere is trickier than I expected.  I went over the design multiple times with the Easy Press, repositioning the towel often.

I am happy with the final product and anxious to make more.

What do you think of it?

finished cap with heat transfer vinyl applied


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