How to Make Cute Printables for Your Classroom


First of all, I love Teachers Pay Teachers.  TPT was an absolute lifesaver when I was doing the accelerated masters program. I support my fellow teachers on that site wholeheartedly.  That being said, it is nice to know how to make cute printables for your classroom for free. This allows you to design something to match your decor or theme in your classroom.

Free Resources are the Key

I have mentioned this amazing website before, My Cute  The creator generously allows teachers to use her adorable clipart to create printables for your classroom.  There are colored and black and white versions of the clipart, which is great. Using black and white versions allows students to personalize your creations.  Check out my post about creating a custom sight word game here.

The second free resource is Google Slide or Microsoft PowerPoint.  I realize PowerPoint is not free to most people, however, students and teachers with an email from an educational institution can get a free download of Office 365 Education Edition, which contains PowerPoint.  Google Slide is a great program, but I find my Google drive fills up quickly and is difficult to organize, so I prefer to use PowerPoint.

Another resource you will need to make cute printables like the ones pictured below is digital backgrounds.  There are a few available on My Cute Graphics.  I have gotten a few free on Teachers Pay Teachers and I have purchased very reasonably priced bundles on TPT also.


DIY printables for your classroom
A sample of cute clipart available at

DIY printables for your classroom

Watch the tutorial to learn how to make your own or download my for free here.




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