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How to Make Bottle Cap Necklaces

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Bottle Cap Necklaces are a Fun and Easy Craft

Bottle cap necklaces are a fun favor for a little girl’s birthday party.  My six-year-old helped me make these for her party this year.

Disney Princess Bottle Cap Necklaces
Princess necklaces make cute favors.

You can make this a simple project by using stickers for the pictures and epoxy clear stickers for the top.  For this project, I wanted my daughter to be able to help, so I kept it as simple as possible.  I used round stickers that came with her Disney Princess party invitations.  I just used my I” punch to ensure the image fit nicely into the bottle cap. I had the ribbon necklaces left over from another project.  They can be purchased in bulk on Amazon.

supplies for making bottle cap necklaces, mod lodge

supplies needed for the project. If you are using scrapbook paper for your image, you can adhere the image to the bottle cap with Mod Podge or E6000 adhesive.  Punch out the image, dab a little Mod Podge or E6000 in the center of the bottle cap and center your image on the adhesive.  Let dry thoroughly and attach the epoxy sticker on top,

I have also used ball chain necklace bought by the yard at Hobby Lobby.

ball chain necklace epoxy stickers
Ball chain and epoxy stickers.

The ball chain gives a different look.  This would even work for some more masculine designs such as superheroes.  This spool is $9.99 for 10 yards and I used a 40% off coupon.  It is by the brand Metal Gallery, which pretty regularly goes on sale for 50% off.  If you go this route, don’t forget to purchase the little fasteners.

Take it up a Notch

You can purchase digital downloads of images on Etsy.  If you truly enjoy the crafting process, you can create your own digital images with PowerPoint or Keynote for Mac.  This is more time consuming but you can truly personalize your images.

autism awareness, bottle cap necklace
April is Autism Awareness Month

Quick Lesson in PowerPoint for Jewelry

I made this necklace for Autism Awareness Month last year.  I made the image with PowerPoint. I purchased digital scrapbooking paper on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I found the Autism Awareness ribbon on Google images as a PNG file.  It is important that it’s a PNG file so the background is clear.

In Powerpoint open a blank presentation and insert a 1″ circle shape.

making jewelry with Powerpoint

In the toolbar select shape format.  Click shape fill from the drop-down menu select picture and then select the image from your computer of the paper you would like.

Once you have the background, select insert picture from the main toolbar.  Browse your computer for the saved PNG image and insert it.

Reduce the size of the image until it fits into the circle.  Center the image in the circle and save your slide.

making jewelry with Powerpoint

Please note, the background I used for demonstration purposes is not the same background as the pendant.

For this necklace, I printed the image on photo paper and used Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, purchased on Amazon, instead of an epoxy sticker to seal in the image.  Trust me there were many fails before getting the pictured pendant.  I started out using Diamond Glaze Dimensional Adhesive, but I got way too many bubbles with that product.  I found Mod Podge Dimensional Magic much more forgiving. I got far fewer bubbles with the Mod Podge and was able to pop them with a straight pin.  I did find that the images blurred when I put the dimensional adhesive over the image.  I tried sealing the image with a clear sealant and letting it dry overnight before using the dimensional adhesive, but that didn’t work.  Out of desperation, I tried clear packing tape over the image before adhering it to the bottle cap.  This worked beautifully. Just make sure you smooth the tape on carefully to avoid any bubbling.

I found all the accompanying charms at Hobby Lobby.

A Project for Beginners and More

As you can see, this project is easily adjusted for beginners all the way up to more advanced crafters.  You can easily use stickers or scrapbook papers to make the project quicker and something you can involve your kids in doing.  Or you can challenge yourself to polish up your computer skills and really personalize the project.














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