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How to Make a Mickey Mouse Icon Mandala with Cricut

mandala Mickey Mouse Icon
All weeded and ready to go.

I have a short post today.  Just want to share a little technique I discovered while playing in Cricut Design Space.  I made a short video showing you how to make a Mickey Mouse icon mandala with Cricut.

The video shows how to use the duplicate feature and the slice tool to make the mandala.  Click here to view.

Step by Step Directions for Making a Mickey Mouse Mandala

For those that learn better by reading-this is for you.  Start by uploading a Mickey Mouse icon or making one with the circles in design space.  Next, insert a damask image from Design Space.  There are several from which to pick.

Mickey Mouse mandala
Find a damask image you like.

Select the damask and duplicate it several times.

duplicate damask
Use at least 8 images.

Arrange the damask images so that they are touching but not overlapping.

weld the images in design space
Make sure your Mickey icon isn’t selected before you hit weld.

Select all the damask images and weld it together.  Note that once images are welded together they can’t be “unwelded” however simply click the undo arrow in the upper left corner of the screen and it will undo the weld.  After welding the damask images, move the Mickey icon over the damask and center it.  Select the entire thing and slice.

using the slice tool in design space
Before slicing, adjust Mickey to desired size.

Delete the damask.  You will have three Mickey icons.  One has negative space (the damask pattern will look a little off) delete that one.  You will have two usable images.

two Mickey Mandalas
Two identical images.

How you center the Mickey icon over the damask pattern will affect how your final image looks.  Notice the one I cut is different than the icons above.

mandala Mickey Mouse Icon
All weeded and ready to go.

You can select a smaller pattern to create a more intricate image.  If you search lace instead of damask there are many more intricate designs.

I am thrilled with the combination of two of my favorite things: damask pattern and Mickey!




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