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How to Make a Memorial Ornament with Signature

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I lost my father a fews year ago, and just recently lost my mother, so learning how to make a memorial ornament with signature was near and dear to my heart.

memorial ornament
Special Keepsake.
Mom’s. personal touch.

I wanted to make something special for myself and my sister to memorialize our mother.  Scrolling through Facebook, I saw a lot of people posting on the Cricut page how to turned a loved one’s signature into a cute file. This was just the personal touch I was looking for!

Here’s What You’ll Need

 Printable Vinyl

Clear Sticker Paper-I got mine at Michaels

waxed cord

ornament hooks

acrylic circle-I get all my acrylic from!

clear vinyl


Bubble Gum Beads

How to Make a Memorial Ornament with Signature

Start with a sample of your loved one’s writing.  I found an old card from my move and took a picture of your signature and uploaded into Design Space. Here is a screen recording showing how to clean up image and remove background using Design Space. The key to doing this successfully is using the preview option frequently to see what spots you have missed.  Although, didn’t film the entire process, because it took a long time to remove the entire background in clean the image enough for cutting, you can get the idea.

Cutting the image proved to be more of a challenge than I was willing to deal with.  No matter what vinyl I used or what setting, I couldn’t weed the signature.  So I decided to do print then cut.  I’m so glad I did.  I used Silhouette brand clear sticker paper and attached the signature to a circle shape to match the keychain.  (All of Zindee’s acrylics come with the SVG cut file.) I did notice that If I touched the printed image immediately after it printed it smeared.  So, I let it set for about 20 minutes before I tried to touch it, and I didn’t have a problem.

Printing Your Picture

Initially, I printed the picture on clear sticker paper.  It looked so cool on the sheet, but when I put it on the acrylic, it looked weird.  Ultimately, I decided to use white printable vinyl, which looks great especially with the black and white photo.

memorial ornament
Special Keepsake.

Sealing your images is a must.  Check out my previous post to learn more about sealing the keychains.  Diamond Glaze is my favorite non-toxic sealant.  Resin and epoxy are both very toxic and require a lot of PPE and a safe separate crafting space to ensure your family’s health.  For this project I used clear oracle vinyl to seal the front and back.  I cut circles the the same size as my front and back images, and I applied the clear vinyl to the images before applying the images to the acrylic.  I found it much easier that way, as I was able to apply the clear vinyl without getting any air bubbles between the clear vinyl and the printable vinyl.

Stringing the Bubble Gum Beads

The beads definitely add a nice touch the ornament.  See my previous post to learn how to attach the beads.

Paint Stroke Background

keepsake signature ornament
Mom’s favorite color!

Paint stroke background is a hot trend right now!  Before applying the signature sticker, I noticed there was some lint trapped under the photo.  This showed through the acrylic, so I hid it with a splash of paint. I used acrylic craft paint and a stiff bristle brush to apply some color.  The sticker paper with the signature sealed the paint nicely so no need to worry about the pain chipping off.

I’m so happy with the way these turned out, and I can’t wait to hang mine on the tree! If you prefer to make yours a keychain, simply attach your bead string to a keyring instead of an ornament hook.


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