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How to Edit Images in Cricut Design Space

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how to edit images in design space

Having a hard time finding the perfect image for your project?  Like some parts of more than one image?  I’ll show you how to edit images in Cricut Design Space to create your perfect design.  While making my latest Infusible Ink project, I was torn between two narwhal images I had purchased.  I liked the face of one narwhal and the body of the other.  I’ll show you how I married those images to make the perfect narwhal.

How to Edit Images in Cricut Design Space

After searching Design Space for cute narwhals, I purchased these images online.

The two contenders.

I wanted to use the face of the narwhal on the left on the body of the narwhal on the right and get rid of the waves and splashes.  This is super easy and and a fairly quick process.  Check out my video here.

how to edit images in design space

I am happy with the final product.  My previous post detailed how to create layered designs with Infusible Ink.  If you missed it, check it out here.  As a side note, I have to say that the white shirt definitely makes the colors pop on this.  Initially, I was hesitant to use white because it’s such a stain magnet, but any other color background would not have the same impact as this crisp white.

If you haven’t tried Infusible Ink, I urge you to order some today.  This is the one I used for this project. This is also a Cricut brand shirt. Please note, the shirts run very small.  I normally wear a small/medium shirt and I need a large in the Cricut shirts.  My 8-year-old wears the small Cricut shirts as short nightgowns.

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