How to Create a Craft Space on a Budget

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If you are like me, you can spend hours looking at Pins of dream craft spaces.  I imagine designing a functional craft space is easier if you aren’t facing budget constraints.  I’ll show you how to create a craft space on a budget.

Craft Storage on a Budget

Ikea is the king of functionality!  I love Ikea, but unfortunately for me the closest Ikea to me is two and half hours away.  Several years ago they used to ship things via UPS.  I ordered one of the tables in my craft space about 8 years ago and paid less than $10.00 for shipping.  However, now they only deliver via their trucks.  So, delivery to my house is $100.00 for a $20.00 item.  Not really cost-effective.  If you look on Amazon you can find some Ikea products.  Of course, the items are more than they would be in Ikea, but the benefit is you can get them shipped.

My most recent Ikea find is this amazing pegboard.

organized pegboard
Stylish storage!

It measures 22″ high by 30″ wide.  It is $16.99. Available here at a higher price.  The storage cups are $2.00 each, the shelves are $4.00 each, the roll holders are $2.00 each and perfect for storing and displaying ribbon and washi tape.  The cute clips come in a pack of two for $2.00.  Pretty great set up for $40.00.  Since the holes are thin ovals, regual pegboard hooks don’t fit.  But these S hooks fit perfectly.

Above the pegboard, a floating shelf holds stickers and assorted glues and sprays.  These shelves can be found almost anywhere.  I like this one.

floating shelf
Decoupaged boxes corral a mass of stickers.

The rolling cart is a must-have.  Luckily, almost every retailing has its own version of this handy item.

rolling cart for storage of small items
Multipurpose cart.

This cart is actually from Target, I think.  The storage cups at the top are Ikea and are a total steal at .79¢ each.  Previously stored all my vinyl in a cubby on a shelf.  Using the cart allows me to sort into HTV and adhesive vinyl.  Currently, the top shelf holds some small items, but if I don’t stay out of the vinyl aisle at Michael’s it will soon hold vinyl too.

 Work Surfaces on a Budget

Storage is great, but the most important part of a craft space, in my opinion, is the work surface.  I upcycled an old dresser as a counter to keep my Cricut Maker, EasyPress, and my sewing machine on it.  The top three drawers remain and the other drawers were removed for open storage.

craft storage.
Upcycled dresser. You can’t beat free.

I have two Ikea desks pushed together for a long work surface.

Functional Accessories

My newest addition is this amazing light. It’s just the right amount of light.  The neck is adjustable, and you can dim the light with a swipe of your finger across the base.

Great task lighting.

In the middle of the desks, a galvanized two-tier basket provides easy access to glitter and ribbons.

two-tier tray
Great way to keep supplies within reach.

I got mine at Hobby Lobby. But here is a great similar one.  Two of these tucked under the desk keep necessary supplies close at hand.

An inexpensive way to stash a lot of small things.

Not pictured is my cubicle unit.  Honestly, it’s so messy, I was embarrassed to include it. I’m sure everyone has at least one in their craft space.

It’s possible to put together a functional space for a few hundred dollars. If you are fortunate enough to live near an Ikea make a run there this weekend.  If you aren’t that lucky, definitely search Amazon for some great items you can substitute for the originals.


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