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Great Summer Craft to Make with Your Kids

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great summer crafts to make with your kids
A day at Santa Cruz Beach.


It is very cold and rainy here in California lately.  This dreary weather is making me miss the sunny summer months. So this great summer craft to make with your kids will bring a little sunshine to your day.

My daughter, Lizzie, recently got a bead and jewelry kit for her birthday. The kit contains a few tiny seashells.

Kid Made Modern® Ultimate Jewelry Kit - image 3 of 4

Lizzie wanted to do something special with the seashells.  A sand and seashell picture frame was the perfect solution.

What You Need

great summer crafts for kids
Must-haves for this fun craft.

-Inexpensive wood frame (no glass).  I got this one at Michael’s for $1.00!

-Sand-found this at the Dollar Tree (yay Dollar Tree)

-Lichen grey craft paint

-Modge Podge

-foam brushes-(I recommend stocking up at Amazon)

-Seashells (I had to supplement the tiny ones from the bead kit.  Amazon has a great variety pack)

-hot glue gun (I love Gorilla glue available for a good price on Amazon)

Getting Started

Our frame was a little rough, so I lightly sanded it to ensure Lizzie didn’t get a splinter.  She applied one coat of Lichen Grey paint to the front and sides of the frame.

great summer crafts to make with your kids
I always paint on foil for easy clean up.

We let the frame dry for 30 minutes, and then applied a coat of Modge Podge.  Then the fun really started.  Lizzie tossed sand all over the frame.

great summer craft to make with your kids
A box helps to contain the mess.

Let the sand coat dry for an hour or so.  Next, you can either apply another coat of Modge Podge to seal the sand on the frame, or you can use Plaid acrylic sealer as I did. Let that thoroughly dry.

Lizzie arranged her seashells around the frame, and then I hot glued them in place.  We are both thrilled with the finished product.  This summer we are going to Hawaii.  Lizzie is excited to collect shells to make more crafts, and of course to add a photo from our trip into her frame.





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