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Faux Leather Projects for Cricut

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Hobby Lobby has some adorable faux leather ribbon patterns, and the best part is they go on sale for 50% when the

Glitter Mermaid Scales Faux Leather Ribbon - 8Rainbow Glitter Faux Leather Ribbon - 8

ribbon goes on sale!   Amazon also has some really cute patterns. I have made some leather bows.  Check out that post here.  I got to wondering what else I could do with this amazing product. I turned to Design Space to find faux leather projects for Cricut

Cricut Design Space Leather Projects

Design Space has some great projects.  These are just a few that caught my eye.

Book Marks

wrap bracelet

I was inspired to try my hand at making a bracelet.

Make Your Own Faux Leather Bracelet with Cricut

My cuff bracelet
toggle clasp

It’s easy to make your own bracelet in Design Space.  Measure your wrist and decide on the desired length.  Insert a square into Design Space and unlock to make a rectangle.  Size the rectangle to the desired dimensions of your bracelet.  From images, look for a lace pattern you like.  The one I selected had two layers, simple ungroup and delete one of the layers. I used a toggle clasp, so I sliced two small circles to attach the jump rings with.  You can use a snap kit instead.

To cut your faux leather, use a purple strong grip mat, put the leather right side down on the mat, mirror your image, and select faux leather paper-thin.  I used the Cricut Maker.  The leather did not cut all the way through the first time.  I fed the mat into the machine again and cut a second time.  That did the trick.

I think I will try the bookmarks next.  That would make a cute gift for a teacher or any avid reader.


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