Easy Easter Craft to Make with Kids

Easy Crafts using Cricut Design Space

I always keep a generous supply of colored cardstock on hand for those boredom emergencies such as Spring Break.  My daughter actually got tired of endless hours of Spongebob and begged to make a craft.  Cricut Design Space to the rescue!  It’s easy to make simple cut files using just the shapes included with Design Space.  I’ll show you how I made a bunny using mostly circles and a couple of harts.

Cricut Design Space
Using circles, I made several ovals.

I started by inserting four circles.  When the shape is selected (like the white oval in the picture) click on the lock symbol on the lower left corner.  This unlocks the shape and allows you to change the length and width of the shape.  If you do not unlock the shape, you can make the shape bigger or smaller but you will not be able to make the shape tall and skinny.  In this case, I used circles to make ovals.  The white oval will be the body, the medium pink oval is the tummy, the small pink oval is the nose, and the grey ovals are the ears. For the ears, I made one then selected duplicate in the upper right-hand corner to make another ear with the exact dimensions.

Changing the ears to white.

I can change the grey to white with the right-hand menu.  Clicking on the grey circle next to the scissors, I can change the color.  Next, I made some pink ovals for the inside of the ears and used hearts to make hands.

Cricut Design space
Circles into feet.

I made three ovals and welded them together to make a foot.  When I was happy with the size, I clicked on duplicate in the upper right-hand corner to make another foot.  I then selected flip on the toolbar on the top to get the mirror image of the foot, so I had a right foot and a left foot. I used tiny circles to make the pads of the feet.

Next, I made a carrot by inserting a heart and unlocking the heart so I could make it long and skinny.  I welded a small oval to it to fill in the top part, although you could leave the top of the heart alone.

Made a carrot with a heart and circle

I inserted a square and unlocked it to make a long and skinny rectangle.  I sliced that rectangle to get the angles at the top.

Cricut design space
Green top for carrots.

I decided not to use the tummy.  I purposely did not add eyes, as I planned to use glue googly eyes on as a finishing touch.  I cut this out and let my daughter glue all the pieces together.  We had done a similar project at Thanksgiving.  I made turkeys, and she glued them together and wrote names on them for place cards.  You could do this with the bunny. If you made them a little smaller, you could make several and attach them to yarn to make a bunny banner for your mantel.

It’s very simple to adjust this project to be Easter Eggs.  Cut several ovals and let your little decorate them as Easter eggs.  You could use them as place cards or make a banner.  With Cricut Design Space, you can easily create your own original designs.







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