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DIY Unicorn Bow Holder

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Little girls accumulate so many bows!  I am always on the lookout for DIY bow holders.  This project started with a dollar store bow holder and ended with a custom unicorn bow holder.

DIY Unicorn Bow Holder

DIY unicorn bow holder
Finished unicorn bow holder.

Taking it from Dollar Store to Custom

First of all, you can’t beat a $1.00 for the holder and 7 bows, even if they aren’t the cutest bows you’ve ever seen. My daughter saw them and loved all the princesses.  Honestly, it hung in her bathroom a long time in its natural dollar-store- state.  When she became obsessed with unicorns, as all little girls have recently, I started wondering if there was a way I could attach ears and a horn to this.

Little goodie bags with foam unicorn details are all over Pinterest so I knew it was possible to cut foam with a Cricut.  My first try was a total disaster.  I used a standard blade, which tore up the foam and the rollers left deep grooves in the foam.  Disgusted, I abandoned the idea for a while.

The Secret to Cutting Foam with the Cricut

A quick search of Pinterest revealed one problem was I lacked the correct blade for the job.  I ordered a Deep Cut Blade Housing on Amazon for $14.99.  I thought about buying the Cricut foam, but Hobby Lobby had this adorable pack of glitter foam for $3.99 less a 40% coupon, and I couldn’t resist.  Amazon has a bigger pack available.

Turn you dial on the Cricut Explore Air 2 to custom for the cutting material and select foam on your computer (or phone.) Cricut recommends using a strong grip mat.  I didn’t have one on hand so I used a brand new standard grip mat that had never been used before.  Tape down the foam with masking tape, as recommended by Cricut. My first cut the blade carriage pulled up the tape, so I made some adjustments to the tape.


How to cut foam with the cricut
I left room for the carriage to move without hitting the tape.

To avoid the creases from the star wheels, push all the star wheels as far right as you can.

How to cut foam with cricut
Normal position of star wheels.
How to cut foam with the cricut
Star wheels pushed to the right.

The Cricut recuts each shape about four times.  Initally, when I pulled the foam off the mat, it appeared that the cut didn’t go all the way through the foam.  I realized you have to punch it out a little.

How to cut foam with the cricut
A beautiful cut!

Adhere the unicorn pieces using Gorill glue sticks.

DIY unicorn bow holder
Sparkly unicorn bow holder.

This bow holder is sure to be a hit with your little girl.

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