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DIY Farmhouse Pedestal Trays

Quick and Easy DIY Farmhouse Pedestal Trays


DIY Farmhouse Pedestal Tray A fun afternoon project.

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One of the most popular home decor trends right now is the farmhouse pedestal tray.  Pedestal trays can add beauty and functionality to any space. They can cost a lot, but are super easy and cheap to make.  Paint and stain let you create any finish you like. I grabbed my wood pieces at Hobby Lobby, but Amazon also has a great selection.

Supplies Needed For Farmhouse Pedestal Trays

8″ wood round

4″ wood round

5″ square wood

1″ ball wood knobs

1.5″ wood ball knobs

short and tall unfinished wood candlesticks

white chalk paint


Minwax Special Walnut stain

Lichen Grey Delta Creamcoat paint

foam brushes

chip brush

Gorilla  Glue brand hot glue

hot glue gun

sanding block

Getting Started

Sand all your pieces to get them as smooth as you can.  Once painted, the rough spots look worse, so do extra good job on any really rough spots.

diy farmhouse pedestal tray Parts for my medium tray.

For my medium tray, start by glueing two small candlestick holders together to make the pedestal (opening to opening) and painting the pieces with white chalk paint.  I strongly recommend using Gorilla Glue brand hot glue.  I found it to be strong enough to hold the pieces together.  The chalk paint dries very quickly.  It’s easy to get two coats within just a few minutes.  To add extra stability, glue the pedestal to a 4″ round to serve as the base and the 8″ on top.

diy farmhouse pedestal tray

Once assembled, use a chip brush to dry brush lichen grey on edges and top to get a distressed finish.  Seal with a coat of wax to protect the finish.

Use just one short candlestick as the base along with a 4″ round for this cute little one.

dil farmhouse pedestal tray

A tall candlestick and an upside down 4″ round gives another look.

dil farmhouse pedestal tray

Stacking trays gives you even more storage or display space.

DIY farmhouse pedestal trays

Square Trays as Plant Stands

Square trays are a great contrast to a round plant holder.

DIY farmhouse pedestal tray

DIY farmhouse pedestal tray

These trays are versatile and can be used as plant stands, holders near sinks for soap dispensers, or to organize and display items. The possibilities are endless.  Give it a try, and see what you come up with!


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