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DIY American Girl No Sew Quilt

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My daughter doesn’t spend much time playing with any of the thousands of toys she has accumulated over the past six years.  She likes making crafts though.  This Doug & Melissa no-sew quilt was the perfect project for her.

Melissa & Doug No sew blanket
The finished blanket measures 3.5 feet by 5 feet.

She received this Melissa & Doug No-Sew kit for Christmas. A similar one is available on Amazon. Now, this was not an afternoon project.  We worked on this blanket for several weeks a little at a time (and this one is much smaller than the one I linked to on Amazon).  The kit comes with instructions for making several different designs.  My daughter decided on the Northern Lights pattern. After I laid out the squares to create the pattern, I discovered our kit was short a square.  We just shortened each row by one square, so ours does not measure the full 3.5 feet by 5 feet.  It is still plenty big for a six-year-old to snuggle up with!

The fringe on each square have slits and you just feed the fringe from one panel into the adjoining panel and knot them together.  As I mentioned, this actually took several afternoons to complete.  Not because it’s hard, but a 6-year-old’s attention span for detailed work isn’t terribly long.  She recruited her 17-year-old sister to help a few times.  Sister actually enjoyed it too.

Two Projects for the Price of One

Since our kit was one square short and we shortened each row of the design, we had four squares left over.  I hate to throw any usable item out.  So, I set the squares to the side until I could think of a use for them.  The four squares hooked together turned out to be the perfect doll size.

American Girl Quilt

The little quilt covers an American Girl quite nicely.

American Girl Quilt
Elizabeth snuggled tightly in bed.

I have to admit I’m a little obsessed with American Girl dolls.  My older daughters had five dolls between them and countless outfits.  When they got too old for them, I carefully packed them away in storage containers.  My youngest daughter was not even thought of at the time, but I couldn’t bring myself to part with the American Girls.  When the youngest daughter was born, I eagerly waited for her to be old enough to play with the American Girls.  I dragged them all out last summer, and my youngest was less than impressed.  We have them all set up in the loft including a storage closet I made from my oldest daughter’s old desk (I did say I hate to throw anything away?)

American Girl Storage
Repurposed desk to house American Girls and their clothes.

***Update-My youngest is more excited about her American Girls as she is now the proud owner of two Wellie Wishers.  Check out how to make this DIY American Girl doll bed here.



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