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Decorating the Children’s Table for Thanksgiving

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Every year we host Thanksgiving Dinner.  This year, my daughter is helping me come up with ideas for decorating the children’s table for Thanksgiving.  Really, she is the only child seated at the children’s table, her sisters and cousins are all technically adults, as they are at least 18-years-old.  But my seven-year-old wants a children’s themed table and I am happy to oblige.

Cricut is the King of Decorating for Thanksgiving

Restaurants have the right idea of giving kids placemats to color while they wait for their food.  Custom placemats are the perfect way to decorate the children’s table for Thanksgiving. Initially, I planned to buy a roll of plain white paper and use my Cricut to draw on images to color and cut out the placemats.  I previously did a similar project and made custom gift wrap.  Check out the post here.  Then the brilliant idea came to me to save some precious time by buying paper placemats.  I grabbed this pack for around $6.00 for 50.

Since I have Cricut Access, I always check what images are available to me there.  I found a great Mayflower and a cute turkey dressed as a pilgrim.  I wanted something more appealing for kids.  My go-to for clipart images for kids’ stuff is The clipart is free for personal use and to make educational materials.  If you need helping in uploading a single layer image into Design Space check out my video.

DIY coloring placemat
Festive placemat.

Turkey Crayon Holders

I picked up plain white paper cups at the Dollar Tree to hold crayons, but that is too boring.  I found a cute turkey image in Design Space and used it to decorate the cups.  The cups seemed a little too tall, so I cut them down by a couple of inches.  Attach the turkey body to the front of the cup and the feathers to the back.  My daughter insisted on the googly eyes.  It was the perfect touch!

Turkey crayon holders
Turkey crayon holders.

Leaves of Gratitude

My daughter, Lizzie, wanted a way for everyone to share what they are grateful for this holiday season.  These leaves are a multi-purpose-adding color to the table and giving family members a way to interact.  Lizzie came up with the idea of collecting the leaves after people have written on them and making a garland for the mantle with them.  She impresses me with her creativity!

A fun way to show gratitude.

Rustic Table Runner

Table linens take a beating at the kids’ table.  For an additional accent on the table, I chose to make a runner from plain brown paper.  I love the simplicity and the rustic look.

Kids' table at Thanksgiving
A special table just for kids.

After decorating their placemats, they can color the table runner.  The best part, clean will be a breeze.

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