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How to Decorate Light Switch Covers

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Light switch covers are typically boring, but they don’t have to be.  See how you can decorate light switch covers to compliment any decor.  This is especially true in kids’ rooms.  It’s super easy to take a plain white, $1.00 cover and transform it into an expensive-looking statement piece.

decorate light switch covers
Never too much bling.

A Lot of Bang for Your Buck

I went for a big statement with lots of glitter but you can go more subtle. Decoupage and scrapbook paper is a more understated look.  Wrapping paper is also great for decoupage.  If you want to go as I bold as I did, you will need a few things.

decorate light switch covers
I started with all new covers.

-light switch covers – you can use the ones you have.  If you plan on doing a lot grab this pack from Amazon

-foam brushes-order in bulk at Amazon

-Modge Podge-Amazon has the biggest bottle I’ve ever seen

-glitter-I used two different shades of blue I got at Hobby Lobby

-paint to match the glitter-optional

So Easy A Kid Can Do It

These switch covers are for Lizzie’s Frozen-themed bathroom so of course, she wanted to help.  We started by applying a coat of blue paint to all the covers.  My thought process here was the blue background would camouflage any spots missed by the glitter.  With a 7-year-old wielding the glitter, there definitely were no missed spots.

decorate light switch covers
Take the lid off for maximum coverage.

After the blue paint dried, I applied a coat of Modge Podge.  While the Modge Podge is wet, apply a generous coat of glitter. Let the first coat dry for an hour or so.  Apply a second coat of Modge Podge and add more glitter.  We were going for the look of Elsa’s dress, so we applied a little lighter blue on top of the darker base coat. Seal your final layer of glitter with a top coat of Modge Podge.  After that top coat of dried, I coated all the covers with Plaid Acrylic Sealer.  There is no way any glitter will fall off now!

decorate light switch covers

It was difficult to get a picture with an accurate depiction of the blue wall and the blues in the covers.  This picture is the closest to the true shades.  Stay tuned for a post all about the transformation of the Frozen-themed bathroom.


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