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How to Decorate for St. Patrick’s Day on a Budget

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DIY St. Patrick's Day decor for cheap
A mantel on a budget.

I love to decorate for every holiday or even pseudo-holiday that comes along.  I have a hard time justifying spending a lot of money on decorations that will only see the light of day 3 weeks out of the year.  Read on to see how to decorate for St. Patric’s Day on a budget.

How Cheaply Can it Be Done?

Does $25.00 sound like a reasonable budget?  It is with some coupons, sales, and a trip to Dollar Tree.  Full disclosure, I have a lot of stuff in my craft stash that I didn’t need to buy for these projects such as pipe cleaners, paint, glitter, leftover deco mesh ribbon, and vinyl scraps.  If I didn’t have those things, my budget would have needed to be bigger.

New Wreath for the Door

You can’t beat a wreath frame for $1.00. I get all mine at Dollar Tree.  Besides being $1.00, they are also a little on the smaller side, which means they take less deco mesh to make!  It’s a win-win situation.  You can pick up a four pack of wreaths for about $2.25 each. I had white deco mesh ribbon left over from my Valentine’s Day wreath.  Check out my tutorial on making a rolled deco mesh wreath here. The dark green was left over from Christmas.  I picked up the light green at Hobby Lobby on sale for $4.99.  The cute burlap-looking ribbon is from Michaels.  It was 30% off, making it around $3.00.

DIY St. Patrick's day decor for cheap
Love the two shades of green.

I got creative with some Dollar Tree decorations and cut them apart for even more bang for my buck.

how to decorate for St. Patrick's day for cheap
Three decorations for the price of one!

The Happy St. Patrick’s Day sign became the finishing touch on my wreath.

how to decorate for St. Patrick's day for cheap

The finished wreath cost less than $10.00!

Bringing Some Green to the Mantel

I got the cutest felt clover banner at Michaels.  It was 30% of making it $3.50. It was pretty cute the way it was, but I wanted to add a little something to it.

how to decorate for St. Patrick's day for cheap
Right out of the package.

It really needed a little sparkle.  Lucky spelled out in gold glitter vinyl punched it up a bit. A little scrap was enough to do the job.  Always save your vinyl scraps!

DIY decor for ST. Patrick's day on a budget
It’s the little things that add impact.

I knew the leprechaun feet sticking out of a plant would be adorable.  The only problem was I needed a plant.  I don’t have live plants in my house because I have an awful time remembering to water them.  Giving me a plant is like signing that plant’s death warrant.  I wanted something artificial that looked like clover.  Hobby Lobby to the rescue.  I found the ball of clover there and used 40% coupon making it $4.50. The terracotta pot was less than $2.00 at Hobby Lobby. You can get this great boxwood already in a pot.

how to decorate for St. Patrick's day for cheap.
The finished product on my mantel.

By the way, the subway art is a free printable.  Learn how to make the adorable holder here.

Some Gold Bling

Recently, I made some glitter covered light switch covers for my daughter’s bathroom. I liked the way they turned out so much, I decided to try it on the wood frame on a reverse canvas.  I followed the same steps as in my light switch cover tutorial.  Then I used green Siser Easyweed to make this cute shamrock reverse canvas.  I was worried weeding that shamrock would be a nightmare, but Easyweed lives up to its name.

How to decorate for St. Patrick's day for cheap.
St. Patrick’s Day calls for a little glitz.

Michaels has a new line of ready to decorate wood signs.  I picked up a cute white one with a 40% coupon making it about $4.00.  A little green vinyl and some gold glitter is all it needed.

how to decorate for St. Patrick's Day for cheap.
Too cute for less than $5.00.

Check out my post on applying HTV on wood to learn how to do this.

So, for $25.00 and a little creativity, my mantel is ready for St. Patrick’s Day.

DIY St. Patrick's Day decor for cheap
A mantel on a budget.






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