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Snowman Craft for Kids

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I needed a snowman craft for kids to go along with the advent calendar I created for my daughter and I this season. Check out the post here. Years ago, I made snowmen from old socks and buttons.  I figured I could wip up something like that.  When I found these adorable carrot noses and black cole eyes and mouthI knew they would be perfect. Here are the easy-to-follow directions.

snowman crafts for kids
The cutest snowman parts I have ever seen.

Parts You Need for Your Snowman

snowman crafts for kids
Materials to build your snowman.

Most of these supplies I had around the house.


*man’s white tube sock

*toddler size sock


*snowman carrot nose-I found mine at Hobby Lobby but I can’t find a link to share.

*snowman cole eyes and mouth-I found mine at Hobby Lobby but I can’t find a link to share.

*fleece left over from another project

*glue gun

*Aileen’s Tacky Glue-my favorite craft multi-purpose glue.

*white pipe cleaners

Building Your Snowman

Hold the white sock open, while your child uses a spoon to fill the sock with rice.  When you get a third of the sock full,  cut a small piece of pipe cleaner and fastened it around the sock to create the base “snow ball”.  Secure the middle “snow ball” to the base with a dot of hot glue.  Repeat the entire process with the second “snow ball.”

snowman kids crafts
Getting ready to make the head.

After filling up the head, secure the top with another piece of pipe cleaner and cut off the excess of the white sock.  Next, cut off the toe section of the toddler sock and cut into the sock to give a look of a tassel on top.  Secure the tassel top by wrapping thread around the base of the tassel.

Put the hat on the snowman’s head.  Use Aileen’s Tacky Glue to attach the nose, eyes, and mouth to the snowman’s face.  Adhere the buttons to the snowman’s body with the hot glue gun.

Snowman kids crafts
Our finished snowman!

Cut a thin strip of fleece and wrap it around the snowman’s neck.  If you don’t have fleece, you can use ribbon to make a scarf.

In California, this as close to making a snowman as we can get!



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