How to Make a Rolled Deco Mesh Wreath

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I like the look of a rolled deco mesh wreath so I decided to experiment a little. My first attempt turned out pretty good, so I thought I would share how to make a rolled deco mesh wreath.  The best part is it was so cheap to make.

How to make a rolled deco mesh wreath
Necessary supplies.

As you can see, I was so excited I started attaching the rolls before I snapped a picture of my supplies.  In the end, I decided to add some ribbon so it’s not in the picture.  I used 1/2″ Valentine’s ribbon and some in just Valentine’s colors.  The cardboard tube is the center of one of the mesh ribbon rolls, I used this to roll the ribbon around.  The black clip is a big clip from a beauty supply store, I use this to hold the rolled ribbon.  These are super handy for making bows.  You can get some on Amazon.

I found the heart wreath frame at Dollar Tree.  You can also get one at any craft store such as Michaels, Joann, or Hobby Lobby.  I attached the pipe cleaners myself, but Hobby Lobby sells one with the pipe cleaners already attached for $9.99.  I picked up the 5″ wide rolls of deco mesh at Dollar Tree.  The rolls are much smaller than the ones you buy at Michaels, so it takes several to make this small wreath.  It may be more cost effective to use a coupon and buy them at Michaels.  I found the rolls from Michaels do not fray as much when they are cut.

Getting Started

Some crafters paint their wreath frames because the deco mesh is see through.  With the rolled mesh, I didn’t find this to be a problem.  Use red pipe cleaners to have them blend in better. Cut the pipe cleaners in half and attach them around the wreath making sure to secure at least one of each of the three wires in each section.

Use the cardboard tube to roll the mesh ribbon about 4-5 times, cut with sharp scissors and slide the tube out of the roll, secure with plastic clip.

How to make a rolled deco mesh wreath
No need to precut your strips.
How to make a rolled deco mesh wreath
Keep those rolls nice and tight.

Make three rolls per bunch alternate between two whites one red and two reds one white.  Sandwich the three rolls together between your thumb and index finger.

How to make a rolled deco mesh wreath
Pinch in the middle.

Secure the bunch to the wreath with the pipe cleaners.  Be patient it takes a while to make enough bunches to get a full look.

How to make a rolled deco mesh wreath
Nice and full.

I cut 5-6″ lengths of 1/2″ribbon and tide them around the bunches after they deco mesh was attached to the wreath.

I’m happy with the finished project, and I am excited to make some more holiday mesh wreaths.

How to make a rolled deco mesh wreath.
Proudly displayed on my door.

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