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How to Make a Bubblegum Bead Keychain or Ornament

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bubblegum keychains
Bubblegum beaded ornaments ready for my tree.

It seems bubblegum beads are making a comeback!  What was once only seen as cute necklace and bracelets for little girls are suddenly all over Pinterest again.  I’ll show you how to make bubblegum bead keychains or ornaments like pictured above.

I’ve been seeing cute bubblegum bead keychains all over, and since it’s the holidays I thought I would put a twist on it by making them into ornaments.  I had to do some serious digging around to figure out how people were making these.  Once, I finally was able to discover the method, I just had to share it.

Necessary Tools and Baubles for the Project

supplies for beaded keychain
baubles and hardware

Acrylic Keychains-If you haven’t checked out Zindee yet, you are missing out.  I love all things Zindee! If you need to know how to decorate these adorable acrylic keychains, check out my post here.

waxed cord

lobster clasps


ornament hook

bead spacers/caps

bubblegum beads

suede tassels

jump rings

You will need all the hardware listed, depending on what your finished project will be.  I used the lobster clasp, tassel, and jumping to make a clip that I can attach to my purse or tote bag.  If you are making ornaments, you just need the ornament hooks.  The bead spacer/caps are a matter of preference.  You do not need them.  Of course, if you are making a keychain, you will need the keyring.

I purchased my bubblegum beads at Hobby Lobby.  They come in packs like this Plastic Pearl & Gold Bubblegum Bead Mix

and go on sale for $5.50.  Zindee has recently begun selling them as well.  You can get them in bulk on Amazon, but if you are looking for specific colors and patterns you may want to check out Etsy.

Stringing the Beads

If you prefer to see a video of me assembling a keychain click here.  Read on for step by step directions.

Begin by laying out your chosen beads alongside the waxed cord to measure out how much you will need.

measure your waxed cord
waxed cord folded in half.

The cord is one long piece folded almost in half, one side should be a little longer than the other.

I used a scrap of tiger tail wire folded in half to feed the waxed cord through the acrylic shape.

waxed cord to make beaded keychain

Feed the ends of the cord through the loop and pull tight.

bubblegum beads
Pull it tight!

String the first two beads through both ends of the cord.

bubblegum bead keychain
The waxed cord slides easily through the beads.

The third bead is only strong on the longer side of the cord, loop it around your hook (or lobster clasp) and feed it back through the third bead.  Tie the two ends of the waxed cord in a double knot.

bubblegum bead keychain
Make sure your waxed cord is long enough.
bubblegum beaded keychain
Double knot for added security.

The knot will be hidden between the second and third beads!

bubble gum beaded keychain
Finished purse clip!

These would make adorable package toppers too! After they open their present they have an ornament to keep!

I hope you will try this fun project!




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