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DIY Lip Balm-Easy to Make

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DIY lip balm

DIY lip balm is an easy, fun craft to make with kids. My teen and my little one enjoyed it.  Best of all, it produces something useful!

DIY Lip Balm Supplies

Crafts that are fun for a wide range of ages aren’t always easy to find.  This one is super easy too.  The kids were excited to make something that they can use themselves or give as gifts.

Must Haves:


We added some vanilla extract in an attempt to flavor it.  We used 1/4 teaspoon, but the flavor is not detectable.  The vitamine e oil is technically optional, but it really seems to add softness.  Finally, I have seen some people meltdown a little of lipstick to the mix to add some color.  I might try this next time.

Steps to Make Your Lip Balm

Combine 3 tablespoons beeswax and 4 tablespoons coconut oil in the microwave-safe bowl.  All microwaves are different.  We started with 30 seconds.  The coconut oil melted immediately.  The beeswax pellets took a little longer.  We used increments of 20 seconds and stirred each time we checked it.

When the beeswax is completely melted, add two drops of vitamin E oil.  This is also the time to add any flavor.  Use a spoon to fill the tins with the liquid.  Work quickly as the mixture begins to solidify pretty quickly.

Finished Product

diy lip balm-easy to make

The lip balm has a slight yellowish tint.  Next time, I plan to add a little pink lipstick during the melting process.  Of course, you can also purchase colorant to add.

I couldn’t resist making some stickers for the tins using my Cricut and printable vinyl.

DIY lip balm
Add a little whimsy!

I created the ‘pucker up’ sticker but the others were right off Design Space.

DIY lip balm
Ready for gift giving.

If you are looking for a great DIY gift for Mother’s Day, this definitely fits the bill. Also, check out my soap making post, which is also perfect for Mother’s Day.


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